Our Story

Lit Scentsations, LLC was created during the pandemic by our owner Candyce Brown. Candyce was born a native of Norfolk, Virginia and was raised in the Hampton Roads area all her life. Candyce is an alumna of South Carolina State University where she received her Bachelor of Science in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. She didn't stop there! Candyce continued her education and received a Master of Science in Transportation with a Concentration in Transportation Planning. She is a current resident of Greensboro, North Carolina where the birth of her business took place. The thought of owning her own business has always been a part of her long-term plans. During her down time after work, Candyce became curious about the "ins" and "outs" of candle making due to retail stores being shut down across the country. In result of the retail shut down, there became a high demand for online purchases causing extensive wait times for packages. After further research and purchasing her first candle kit, she gained an understanding of the candle making process, which inspired her to share her candle creations with friends and family. After receiving great feedback, she begin to brainstorm on the perfect name for her business.

Candyce loves the lyrics in music and the background ad-libs that many people may tend to ignore when listening to a song. She loves listening to various genres, but especially songs where Travis Scott yells out, “It’s Lit!”  “Lit” was definitely something she wanted in her business name as Candyce also loves  “word play,” when words can have more than one meaning or triggers more than one thought. She had the same thought process with “SCENTsations” as candle aromas can create a mood while giving you undeniable vibes. During a drive home to Virginia, Candyce had this epiphany that blended her love for music and “word play.”

Candyce considers herself a subject matter expert in various areas within the field of Transportation by day and a Candle Chemist by night (#CandleChemistCandy). She is a forever learner in all that she does and plans to continue this in her new candle business. Candyce has learned that any creation that involves chemistry and/or physics requires testing. She understands that testing is important and there is an expectation of trial and error when perfecting one’s craft within this candle business.

Candyce gives 100% of the credit to her business idea to God as He brought the thought to her while aligning her steps in the process, which allowed her to get out of her comfort zone, take action and move forward in her entrepreneurial journey. She also credits the support of her close family and friends who has encouraged her vision on this journey. Candyce new motto in her newfound business journey is "I am New to this, but I am TRUE to this." This means she will remain committed to creating a great product for her customers.